Posted April 09, 2014

Happy Birthday, Holly Sonders!

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Did you know it was a national Hollyday?

Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders turns 27 today, and you know what that means: birthday cake for her, and eye candy for the rest of us.

The network that employs her has indulged her fans by laying out a Holly Sonders photographic banquet, but we also recommend’s own tribute to Sonders in our Most Beautiful Women in Golf series.

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boob job ... done

nose job ... next on the checklist

certainly better looking than some of those old fat guys on golf channel


She's nothing special. Not cute at all. Ridiculous fate hooters. Every bar in Dallas, LA, Phoenix and Miami is loaded with this stuff..


Why do good looking slender woman buy such huge fake ta ta's.  It looks so obvious and out of proportion.  I like her body less with all that silicone!

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