Posted February 25, 2014

Ukraine President’s Life of Luxury Features Monogrammed Clubs

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Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's driver

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s driver (AP).

When Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych fled his country’s capital this week, he left behind a life of cartoonish opulence, as you’ll see from these photos of his lavish estate, which featured, among other follies, a zoo, a replica Spanish galleon docked on a man-made waterway, and a private golf course.
But what good is a golf course if you don’t have clubs? Yanukovych had those, too, a personalized set stamped with his initials. Seems the president doesn’t just stand on the wrong side of history. He also stands on the wrong side of the ball.

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Tom Kawakita
Tom Kawakita

Is it available to download in Japanese AppStore?

Josh Bate
Josh Bate

Yes I know the new rules but, the iPhone has applications built in (gps and specifically wind gauges) making them illegal to use on the golf course

Josh Bate
Josh Bate

As soon as you open the app on your iphone on the course your in violation of the rules of golf

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